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Sonja Heiss, Germany 2007, 89 Min., OV with German subs
Followed by a talk with Svenja Steinfelder

The film Hotel Very Welcome follows the experiences of five backpacking tourists in Thailand and India. Josh and Adam are friends who are interested in women and beach parties. Their friendship is put into consideration, when one of them runs out of money and is dependent on the grace of the other. Svenja gets stuck in a hotel room in Bangkok and telephones for days with a call center to get a return flight. Liam travels through India in search of the ultimate drug experience. Marion tries to meditate in an ashramcenter. The film ironically questions the possibilities of a globalized search for meaning and condenses a critical portrait of the backpacker generation.

Svenja Steinfelder is an actress and writer, known for Hotel Very Welcome (2007) and Christina ohne Kaufmann (2004).