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Don Askarian, West Germany 1988, 95 Min., OV with English subs, digital
Followed by a talk with Marc Sinan

The priest, composer and ethnomusicologist Soghomon Gevorki Soghomonian, known as Komitas (1869-1935), survived the deportation of the Armenian intelligentsia from Istanbul on April 24th 1915, which induced the Aghet. He spent the rest of his life in seclusion in mental hospitals. Filmmaker Don Askarian, who was born in Stepanakert and moved to West Berlin in the 1970s, uses a unique visual language (reminiscent of the works of Parajanov, Tarkovsky and Antonioni) full of hypnotic tracking shots to convey the tumultuous inner world of an artist now considered the founder of classical Armenian music.

Marc Sinan is a composer, guitarist and writer. In his work he tests new ways of collaboration between artists in a transcultural and transmedia context. He mainly works as a composer, artistic director, guitarist and producer with his own ensemble, the Marc Sinan Company, as well as various international guests and institutional partners, ensembles and orchestras. His work is published by ECM Records. His debut novel Gleißendes Licht was published by Rowohlt Verlag in 2023. He lives and works in Berlin.