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  7. Karaoke Girl + Westwärts: Südostasiatinnen in der BRD

Karaoke Girl + Westwärts: Südostasiatinnen in der BRD

Foundation for Women , Visra Vichit-Vadakan, OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Ban-Ying e.V.

KARAOKE GIRL (สาวคาราโอเกะ)
Visra Vichit-Vadakan, Thailand 2013, 77 Min.

A young girl from the countryside, Sa, moves to the big city to support her family and ends up in sexwork. This kind of story has been told repeatedly in cinema, however never so fluid and poetic as this independent Thai film. The film focuses less on the transactions of sex for money and more on dreams and hopes - both of Sa and of others. Fiction and documentary seem to seamlessly melt into each other, bringing forth the multidimensional portrait of a karaoke girl.

Foundation for Women, Germany 1990, 50 Min.

Four women of the Southeast Asian Information Support in Bochum and Foundation for Women (FFW) in Bangkok together have made this reportage about the lives of Asian women in West Germany. Three stories bound together during one period of time - that of a Thai woman during divorce, of a Thai former sexworker and of an undocumented Filipina housemaid - reflect on their social interactions, their daily routines and discriminations they face.

Ban-Ying is one of the oldest women’s projects working to combat human trafficking in Berlin. It campaigns for the rights of migrant women who have experienced violence, exploitation or human trafficking.