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  7. 河边的错误


Only the River Flows
Shujun Wei, China 2023, 96 Min., OV with English subs

Rural China, the 1990s. A woman's body is found on a river bank near a small town. Based on the short story "Mistake by the River" by revered Chinese writer Yú Huá, Shujun Wei’s cinematic neo-noir masterpiece is characterized by an impenetrable darkness and the omnipresence of flowing water. Shot entirely on 16mm, the film appears to emerge from the era in which the director was born and raised. As Wei states: “There is a growing desire in me to understand that decade, which also helps in understanding what China has become today.”

河边的错误 (Only the River Flows) Shujun Wei, (c) LIAN RAY PICTURES