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(OPEN AIR) Levante

Power Alley
Lillah Halla, Brazil, France, Uruguay 2023, 99 Min., OV with English subs, digital

Sofia, the captain of a volleyball team from São Paolo who is full of queer energy, is fighting hard for a future as a professional player. However, an unwanted pregnancy suddenly threatens to destroy not only her dream of playing in the top league, but her entire future. In search of an abortion - which is a criminal offence in Brazil - she is targeted by a group of evangelical extremists who want to prevent it. With the collective support of her team who rise up to protect their fellow teammate and her single father, she tries everything to keep her dream alive.

Power Alley shows the very real obstacles to accessing abortion in Brazil. With her debut film, Lillah Halla also shows the uncompromising solidarity among socially marginalised women* who know that they must stand together against the oppression of a society governed by conservatism, classism and clericalism. (ML)

POWER ALLEY, Lillah Halla