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Practicing Revolution: Short Film Programme

OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Alexey Bratochkin

The F-Word
Olia Sosnovskaya / a.z.h., Belarus 2021, 12 min.
The video is part of the “Armed and Dangerous” project platform: www.ozbroeni.in.ua 

Lesia Pcholka / Uladzimir Hramovich, Belarus 2021, 7 min.

Pose. Position. Ways
Ala Savashevich, Poland 2019, 5 min.

Giving away a frame for free
Ala Savashevich, Poland 2020, 2 min.

Aleksander Komarov, Netherlands 2012, 20 min.

The video works of the short film programme shed light on different perspectives on the events of the protest movement and the situations in which artists find themselves:  from a critical examination of state propaganda in Belarus, a juxtaposition of language and aesthetics, to intimate gestures and private recordings.

Please note: Free admission. Limited seating. The 3G (vaccinated, recovered, tested) rule applies.

Alexey Bratochkin is a Belarusian historian and independent researcher. He deals with issues of national identity and cultures of remembrance in Belarus as well as in the post-Soviet region. He is co-author of scholarly anthologies such as After Soviet Marxism: History, Philosophy, Sociology, and Psychoanalysis in National Contexts (Belarus, Ukraine). Since April 2021 he has been a guest lecturer at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder).