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Bette Gordon, USA 1983, 101 Min., OV, 35mm

With an introduction by Florian Höhensteiger

New York City 1983: Christine is desperately looking for a job. Forlorn, she starts working in the ticket booth of a sleazy porn theater. Though her first shy glimpses of the adult films on screen are from the safety of the projection booth, she has to endure the attention of the male customers. Slowly, Christine starts to take control, but quickly spirals into a world of sex, perversion, and obsession.

In collaboration with several important figures of the New York independent scene, among them Kathy Acker (script), John Lurie (music) and Nan Goldin in a supporting role, Bette Gordon’s Variety is an undeniable classic of feminist cinema. (FH)

VARIETY will be projected as a 35mm print form the collection of Arsenal - Institut für Film und Videokunst in conjunction with the workshop Analog Film in the Digital Age: On Archiving and Projection.

VARIETY, Bette Gordon