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In War and Revolution + Naked Island

OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Ana Bilankov

U ratu i revoluciji  
In War and Revolution
Ana Bilankov, Croatia 2011, 15 Min. OV with english subtitles

Using the example of a book published by her grandfather during the time of socialist Yugoslavia, Ana Bilankov addresses the banishing of books in 1990s Croatia as representative of the erasure of (collective) memory. She juxtaposes this with an interview with her 97-year-old grandmother, a woman who struggles with memory loss and the constraints imposed by suppression.

Naked Island
Tiha K. Gudac, Croatia 2014, 75 Min. OV with english subtitles

In this biographical documentary of her family, Tiha K. Gudac tackles a dark chapter of Yugoslav real socialism – the persecution of the "politically unsuitable", those declared “enemies of the people” in Tito's Yugoslavia. The director's grandfather survived the political prison camp on the barren island of Goli otok, a place where torture and brutal harassment were part of everyday life. A subject never broached within the family, her grandfather took his story to the grave. In conversations with family members and friends and with the help of a personal photographic archive, Gudac tries to understand where the scars on her grandfather's body came from.

Ana Bilankov is an artist who works with photography, video, experimental film and installation. She has been a fellow of various international studio residencies and has presented work at numerous exhibitions. Her award-winning films have been shown at a variety of film and video festivals.