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Documentary Competition: Of Self, Care & Work

Apostles of Cinema
Ajabu Ajabu, Tansania 2023, 16 min., Swahili with English subtitles

Budapest Silo
Zsofia Paczolay, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium 2022, 24 min., Hungarian with English subtitles

Hondarrak (In Ruins)
Marta Gómez, Paula Iglesias, Spain 2022, 15 min., Baskisch, Spanisch with English subtitles

Little to Big
Ellen Fiske, Ellinor Hallin, Sweden 2022, 20 min., Swedish with English subtitles

 Powernapper's Paradise
Samir Arabzadeh, Sweden, Philippines 2022, 14 min., English with English subtitles

Work-life balance, a 4-day week, human resources, self-optimisation. Buzzwords, work, yawn. Tacky phrases seem to hit the bull's eye of our work (un) ethics. We exist in the gaps between work and life, searching for ourselves in the spaces that open up when we consciously position ourselves in relation to our labor, whether approaching it with devotion or refusal—or both. Of Self, Care & Work portrays the act of searching and finding through five films: from the Tanzanian film scene to a Budapest grain silo, a routine nap at work in the Philippines to the women of a Spanish fishing village.