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Think Tank for a Film Program To Combat Anti-Muslim Racism And Anti-Semitism In The Film Landscape

Please register via the following link

The main language of the event is German.

In public debates and media reports, Jewish and Muslim communities / communities racialised as Muslim are divided and frequently pitted against each other. As a result, a dialog between the communities affected by the current violence is made impossible; open spaces for exchange on racism and anti-Semitism are constantly disappearing. 

The aim of the jü_misch project is to counteract this development. We are a team of five people, some of whom are Jewish and some of whom are Muslim, working in the field of education and/or cultural film mediation. Our objective is to develop interdisciplinary concepts for political education, media education and film mediation that recognize and jointly address the interaction of anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim racism. We are aware that the five of us cannot and do not want to speak for Jewish and Muslim communities. As such, networking and exchange are particularly important to jü_misch. 

The second jü_misch event, which takes place on 09.03.24, will focus on reflection through film. Let us come together to collect films, discuss them and create a collective film program. Based on this film selection, we will consider potential next steps and gather ideas for events that can be organized with this film program. (PL)

Parand Laghai, Kübra Sariyar, and David Bakum