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SİNEMATON Karaoke: Comrades I Love You

Karaoke is a decidedly transnational media culture: popular South/East Asian pop hits were often translated into different languages and are still performed worldwide as karaoke songs. These songs are an important element of connection: as karaoke alphabets for parents in the diaspora teaching their children their mother tongue or as a way to express and receive non-normative desires.

Curated by Sarnt Utamachote and Popo Fan, the programme explores South/East Asian and diasporic karaoke culture, working centrally with the karaoke function of the SİNEMATON.

Comrades I Love You, selected by Popo Fan and Sarnt Utamachote, comprises a compilation of 10 music videos as well as the performative work of Ming Wong (Watermelon Love 西瓜缘, 11min, Ming Wong黄汉明, Yu Cheng-Ta余政达). Comrades I Love You is a tribute to the Scopitone's role as a collective, audio-visual jukebox, a live karaoke sing-along that involves the audience.

Gefördert durch die Stiftung Kunstfonds im Sonderförderprogramm NEUSTARTplus Plattformen der bildenden Kunst