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74 (The Reconstitution of a Struggle)

Raed Rafei, Rania Rafei, Lebanon 2012, 95 Min., OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Hassan Saber

1974: a group of students from the American University of Beirut occupies the university’s premises to protest against rising tuition fees. 2011: in the midst of the Arab Spring, Rania and Raed Rafei decide to step back and reconsider today’s situation in the light of that period which was pregnant with hope, but also a prelude to civil war.

Rania and Raed Rafei are young filmmakers trying to reconstruct the memory from their perspective, looking at their reality through the mirror of the past.

Hassan Saber is a journalist, translator and egyptologist from Egypt. He is currently working in Berlin for a project supporting immigrants and refugees.