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18 Minuten Zivilcourage + Black in the Western World + Jordmannen + ziyaret

OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Rahim Shirmahd

18 Minuten Zivilcourage
Rahim Shirmahd, Germany 1991, 20 min.

In 1987, Kiomar Javadi was accused of shoplifting at a Tübingen supermarket and ended up being strangled to death for 18 minutes by an employee. Part of the town is up in arms, while the majority simply don’t want to see the crime as racially motivated.

Black in the Western World
Wanjiru Kinyanjui, Germany 1992, 23 min.

At the start of the 1990s, Kenyan DFFB student Kinyanjui grappled with how it felt to be Black in Germany. Racist material from German everyday culture rubs up against conversations with other Black people in Europe.

Jordmannen (The Earthmen)
Muammer Özer, Sweden 1980, 27 min.

In Özer’s hybrid film, the clay figure is a symbol of the fate of migrant workers in a prosperous society. Hope of a better life gradually gives way to the realisation that exploitation and alienation determine everyday life.

ziyaret, Besuch
Aykan Safoğlu, Germany 2019, 13 min.

Safoğlu’s essay film uses photographs to depict a wander through a Berlin graveyard with Kurdish feminist Gülşen Aktaş and an account of the activists resting there. A cinematic monument that considers the relationship between photography and memory.

Rahim Shirmahd, born in 1958 in Lorestan Province, Iran. He has lived in Germany since 1980 and is a photographer, author, cameraman and director.