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رویداد مخابره (نـ)شده

[Un]Broadcasted Event

Curated by Amirali Ghasemi / Parking Video Library


 فالگوش  (Blames and Flames) 

Mohammadreza Farzad, Iran 2012, 30 min. Farsi with English subtitles, digital


 مالتیتود  (Multitude)

Pouya Shahrabi, Iran 2011, 9 min. Silent film, digital


تلویزیون ۵۷ (Television 57 / TV 1979) 

Susan Bayan, Iran 2011, 30 min. Farsi with English subtitles, digital


The screening is followed by a talk with Hadi Alipanah, Amirali Ghasemi, and Afsun Moshiry

The program [Un]Broadcasted Event themetizes the 1979 Revolution in Iran as a multitude of complex eruptions of media recording, narration and later manipulation. This mediated reality is echoed in the three artistic positions represented in this program, each an exploration of how the year 1979 passed through Iranian society like a storm, forever changing its relationship with moving images. In this 69 minute journey we will look at a monumental film essay familiar to Berlin audiences, Mohammad Reza Farzad’s Blames and Flames, a video piece by Pouya Shahrabi called Multitude and finally, a rarely shown documentary film by Susan Bayani, Television 57. (AG)