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Perceptual Poetics

Followed by a talk with Gautam Valluri

18(+2) Blinks of an Eye 
Anuradha Chandra, India 2002, 23 min, no dialogue, 16mm

Gautam Valluri, France/India 2022,  8 min, no dialogue, 16mm

Gautam Valluri, France/India 2019, 9 min, no dialogue, 16mm

Midnight Orange 
Gautam Valluri, France/India 2019, 11 min, no dialogue, 16mm

Night Scene Charminar
Gautam Valluri, France/India 2018-2022, 3 min, no dialogue, DCP

Buried in Light
Gautam Valluri, France/India 2016, 8 min, no dialogue, DCP

A program of non-narrative experimental films dealing with perceptual questions and challenging representational norms within analogue forms. Gautam Valluri’s short films explore the architectural and symphonic remnants of a pre-colonial past in his native city Hyderabad while working with film labs in Paris. These films screen alongside a work by Anuradha Chandra, whose film 18(+2) Blinks of an Eye shares Valluri’s penchant for appealing directly to the senses by eschewing more descriptive modes of filmmaking in favor of pronounced and chiseled forms.

Gautam Valluri explores the relationship between architectural spaces, cultural artifacts and personal histories through the materiality of celluloid. He grew up in Hyderabad and New Delhi in India, he now lives and works in Paris and makes his films at L'Abominable.