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Something Loud and Clear

The  screening is followed by a talk with Indra Liusuari, moderated by Sarnt Utamachote

On Cannibalism
Fatimah Tobing Rony, USA/Indonesia 1994, 6 min. Indonesian with English subtitles

In Malabar
Maximilian Badier-Rosenthal, France 2020, 22 min. French and Vietnamese with English subtitles

 I’m not your f***ing stereotype
Hesome Chemamah, Thailand 2019, 29 min. Thai Malayu with English subtitles

Makassar Is a City For Football Fans
Khozy Rizal, Indonesia/France 2020, 20 min. Indonesian with English subtitles

You want happy ending sir?
Indra Liusuari, Australia 2022, 7 min. English original version

This short film program focuses on works that openly criticize dominant society and its structures. In analyzing the societies they live in, these films serve as self-therapy for the filmmakers. On Cannibalism is a critique on the Western imperial fetishization of objects and native bodies that emerged in the context of ethnological museums.In Malabar is based in Paris where Mourad and Harrison come into contact and conflict with another “othered” colonial subject, a Vietnamese grandfather. I'm Not Your F***ing Stereotype reflects Islamophobia in Thailand, in which muslim identities have been associated with terrorism (especially in Southern Thailand- if not globally). Makassar is a City for Football Fans, shaped by the shame and homophobia that exists within Indonesian society, thematizes the homoeroticism within athletic football. You want happy ending sir? provocatively opens up the issue of what it means to be an Asian queer in the colonial realm of sexuality, “always hungry for White boys.”


Indra Liusuari is an interdisciplinary Australia-based artist whose practice includes audio-visual media documented performances, and site-interventive installations, and publications.

On Cannibalism Fatimah Tobing Rony, USA/Indonesia 1994