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Short film program: When I Have No Rent Contract

Followed by a talk with Văn Hoàng Do

The House of Brick and Stone
Ananth Subramaniamm, Malaysia 2022, 16 min., Malayu and English languages, English subtitles

There are Fish in the Water and Rice in the Fields (ในน้ำแฮฟฟิช ในนาแฮฟไรซ์)
Tanakit Kitsanayunyong, Thailand 2022, 18 min., Thai languages, English subtitles

Cambodia Town: Not For Sale
Brandon Soun, USA 2019, 7 min., English languages

Water Spinach Garlic Chillies Coca
Văn Hoàng Do, Vietnam 2022, 37 min., Vietnamese language, English subtitles

Four films that deal with the politics of urban planning which take us from a visual collage about the dreams of Malaysia’s youth during the slow collapse of the economy to Thailand’s contradictory “we have abundance” national economic policy, the ongoing struggle for social and physical space in Cambodia Town, California to Vietnam’s hidden streets full of darkness and lingering trauma.

Do Văn Hoàng is a Vietnamese filmmaker who has produced short fiction/documentary films, video art, TV series and music videos.