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My Mother’s Tongue

Workshop with Jean-Baptiste Phou


In English
Free entry (max 12 participants), register via email at unthaitled.berlin@gmail.com

The program will start with the screening of My Mother's Tongue, a short film that tells the delicate story of a mother and son who don't share a common language, followed by a creative workshop. This workshop opens a safe and creative space to tackle some of the themes explored in the film My Mother’s Tongue, such as communication issues and regrets. Participants will be guided to write a letter expressing unspoken words or something they wish to say. The content will then be recorded using voice or sound and can even be altered creatively or for privacy. The messages will later be displayed in Jean-Baptiste's online platform and form part of a collective, digital artwork.


Jean-Baptiste Phou is a French-Cambodian writer and multidisciplinary artist based in Phnom Penh whose works explore issues of identity, exile, and the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge genocide.