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Maicling pelicula nañg ysañg Indio Nacional

A Short Film About the Indio Nacional
Raya Martin, The Philippines 2005, 95 Min., OV with English subs

The screening will be followed by a talk with representatives of Gabriela Germany and ALPAS 

A Short Film About the Indio Nacional remains one of the landmarks of Filipino contemporary cinema, questioning the colonial history of the medium itself. Using black and white and color film reels and digital images, the film collages together the stories of three individuals during the last period of Spanish rule in the Philippines. After the screening, there will be a conversation with ALPAS and Gabriela Germany, two organizations who work to address the reverberations of ongoing coloniality and how it manifests in Philippines’ contemporary politics, women rights and freedom of speech.


ALPAS, Alternatibong Pangarap para sa Ating Sambayanan / Alternative Dreams for our People, is a collective of political activists with Philippine migration backgrounds and committed allies who work to support and organize the Filipino diaspora in Germany with a bridge to the vibrant anti-imperialist struggles in the Philippines.

Gabriela Germany, an overseas chapter of Gabriela Philippines, is a collective of Filipinas celebrating their mulit-faceted identities, revolutionary history, and rich culture. They work to build collectives in Germany that are invested in educating, serving, and advocating for the rights and welfare of Filipinas locally and globally, and forge alliances with other local and migrant women organizations.