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Arnold Is A Model Student

Sorayos Prapapan, Thailand 2022, 86 Min., OV with English subs

Film screening followed by conversation with a representative of Bad Students Movement

Most observers might associate Thailand’s recent youth uprising and pro-democracy protests with demonstrations on the streets and the monuments of Bangkok. This film shows the other side: Thai students’ current negotiation with a centuries-old hierarchical education system  inherited from a period of dictatorship that defines what is “good” “bad” and “appropriate”. Here, revolution belongs to the classroom. After the screening, a conversation with activists will focus on the Bad Students protest movement, one which demands accountability for different forms of abuse in Thai schools.

Bad Students(นักเรียนเลว) is a movement that calls for an end to all forms of harassment against students. Demanding democracy, revocation of abusive school regulations, and educational reforms, the Bad Students believe their campaign for school reform is part of the wider political campaign to end authoritarian rule in Thailand.