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Talking about Cinema

Practices of Alternative Screens

With Nada Bakr, Guevara Namer, Amine Hattou, and Abhishek Nilamber, moderated by Jasmina Metwaly.

Attendance only by registration (RSVP)

NAAS Get Together 
The panel will be followed by an informal get together.

The act of showcasing a film represents an immersive experience within a space. Practices related to film exhibition and the act of cinema projection are viewed as instances of spatial interplay. Both the space where the film is screened and the environment in which the screening takes place are actively utilized and repurposed, contributing to a dynamic exploration of cinematic engagement. A discussion will delve into the convergence of ‘Borrowed Spaces' and alternative film practices in the Arab World. This panel is part of a broader thematic exploration focused on examining localities and dislocalities within the Network of Arab Alternative Screens. Various experiences will be considered to explore questions related to programmatic expressions and their interaction with the realms of cinema. (NAAS)


Nada Bakr is a Berlin based curator and the executive director of NAAS Network of Arab Alternative Screens.

Guevara Namer is a Syrian-German producer and programmer.

Amine Hattou is a filmmaker and programmer - Dima Cinema

Abhishek Nilamber is a curator and co-initiator of the long term research and exhibition project, UNITED SCREENS.

Jasmina Metwaly is an Artist and Filmmaker based in Berlin.