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Revision Kino:

How can we strengthen cultural film education?

Panel talk with Elisa Giovanelli (Cineteca di Bologna), Vera Schöpfer (Filmhaus Köln), Sabine Genz (Vision Kino, Berlin), Christine Kopf (DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum, Frankfurt), moderated by Alejandro Bachmann (Kunsthochschule für Medien, Köln). 

France, a country with a vibrant film culture, has had various national programmes as well as a well-established regional network for film education for thirty years: 60% of all young people go to the cinema at least three times a year with kindergarten or school. Other European countries have also developed effective national strategies for film education over the last ten years. In Germany, however, there is an urgent need for action.

Lichtspiel - Netzwerk kulturelle Filmbildung, Berlinale Generation and SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA jointly invite you to discuss how cultural film education can be sustainably strengthened in Germany and thus introduce a young generation to the cinema as a cultural venue.

The panel will be held in English.

Following the one-hour event, HVC and SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA will host a reception to celebrate the founding of the new association LICHTSPIEL - Netzwerk kulturelle Filmbildung. (LS)