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  7. 우리 어머니 (Unsere Eomeoni)

우리 어머니 (Unsere Eomeoni)

Our Mother
Su-Jin Song, Germany 2017, German with Korean subtitles, 49 Min.
Followed by a talk with Su-Jin Song

The second documentary film by director Su-Jin Song, Unsere Eomeoni portrays five second-generation German-Koreans whose mothers immigrated from a divided Korea to a divided Germany in the late 1960s and early 1970s to work as nurses as part of the German-Korean recruitment agreement. All five protagonists, born in Germany and now living in Berlin, tell the stories of their mothers as reflected in their childhood memories and describe their own path to finding an independent identity: What does being Korean or German mean? What does the reunification of Germany mean to Koreans? What does multiculturalism mean to people who grew up with two cultures and in a multicultural society?

Unsere Eomeoni was commissioned for the special exhibition “Beyond the Borders and the Boundaries” at the Seoul Museum of History, South Korea, in 2017.

Su-Jin Song is a writer, director and producer, born and raised in Germany. As a German-Korean, she sees herself as a representative of a new generation of post-migrant filmmakers.