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Decolonization as a practice?!

Between academia, society and activism – students from the FU in exchange with Adela Taleb and Ibou Diop

As part of the ongoing lecture series “Decolonizing Anthropology - A self-critical appraisal of the current state of research and teaching”, students from the Freie Universität Berlin sit down with Adela Taleb and Ibou Diop in a participatory roundtable discussion to address decolonisation from a perspective that expands beyond the university. The aim of this exchange is to move away from academia and its neocolonial limitations and  discuss themes such as the legitimacy and radical restructuring of knowledge production modes and institutions, the artificially created divisions amongst disciplines, collaborative work with activist groups and the possibility of multimodality and interdisciplinary strategies to actually change and, one day, decolonize both academia and the world beyond it. (FU)

The discussion will be held in German with live translation into English.


Adela Taleb is a Social and Cultural Anthropology scholar, currently a PhD candidate for European Ethnology at Humboldt University Berlin and a founding member of the Amo Collective Berlin.

Ibou Diop is a literary scholar, curator, and cultural historian. He is a jury member of Resonance – A Festival of Black German-Language Fiction and currently working alongside the Berlin Senate to implement ways of remembering colonialism (Erinnerungskonzept Kolonialismus).