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Sonne (Sun)

Sonne (Sun)
Kurdwin Ayub, Austria 2022, 88 Min., OV with English subs, DCP

The screening takes place as part of the conference Audio/Vision/Culture – New Perspectives on Turkish German Cinema (25.–27.5.).

Sonne deals with the friendship between three young women who rise to minor fame after making a music video dressed up in hijabs. Their success forces them to come to terms with their needs and convictions in an environment where every possibility to position oneself comes with its own contradictions. This energetic film employs a range of different media formats, from hi-res film camera to cell phone video. Through a plurality of forms, the film’s preoccupation with performance and the central role of (pop) music comes to the fore. Questions of identity, of belief and of belonging are thus never decided beforehand, but are always a matter of audiovisual staging. Sonne demonstrates this by again and again – and with relish – staging clashes between image and sound.