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by Astan KA, Binghi & Exocé Existe, DJ set by Rafush

An electrifying journey through personal compositions and improvisations created by three artists who are developing a shared project after meeting during the Afropolination Residency in Kampala last September. The trio have performed at the Nyege Nyege festival 2022, CTM festival 2023 and Fusion Festival 2023. 

Astan KA is an artistic performer based in Berlin. Her music is mostly experimental as she explores various genres such as jazz, rap, trip-hop or ethno/afro electronic sounds. She develops a musical universe that she names "gangsta jazz". Astan KA is a member of the Berlin based music collective Sonic Interventions.

Binghi is a Rwandan singer/songwriter, actress, spoken word artist, music producer, dj and visual artist. She is a self-taught music producer, specifically exploring experimental music/electronic/deepTechno with Spiritual drum patterns. She plays a leading role in the Afro-futuristic science fiction musical Neptune Frost by Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman.

Exocé Existe is a multidisciplinary Afrocentric Artist: Artistic performer, dancer. He mostly performs alone in improvisation and creation of stories or in the transmission of a language for other creators. His dance style is experimental storytelling.

Rafush aka Rafa Cunha, is a Berlin-based Dj, Host, and Graphic Artist. She is the cofounder of YOKO YOKO, an Afro-futurist, multi-disciplinary collective curating events focused on African, Afro diaspora and club culture.