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Damascus Dreams

Damascus Dreams
Émilie Serri, Canada 2021, 84 Min., OV with English subs, DCP
Followed by a talk with Émilie Serri

An intimate record on the possibility of reanimating lost home cities, in Damascus Dreams, Syrian cities are reconstructed by virtue of poetic imagination, alongside trajectories of displacement and from the vantage point of the exiled: What remains of home when it is struck by war and destruction? How can one relate to it after it has become inaccessible?  Director Émilie Serri masterfully weaves the story of her protagonists with the history of her family, as well as her own memories of Damascus and her desire to reconnect with a city that has undeniably shaped her life.

Émilie Serri is a Montreal based filmmaker, installation artist and curator. Distributed by LightCone in Paris, her work has travelled to international festivals, artist centres, and galleries throughout Canada. In 2018, she won the Bronfman Award in contemporary art.