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Má Sài Gòn

Mother Saigon
Khoa Lê, Vietnam, Canada 2023, 100 Min., OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Khoa Lê (online)

In the lush, vibrant streets of Saigon, a chosen family of trans drag artists try to find peace; young gay fiancés celebrate with their parents and butch-femme hair-stylists lavish each other with love. A kaleidoscopic view of being queer & trans persons in Vietnam, the poetic and touching monologue and songs let these portraits speak, Mother Saigon questions just what it means to be a mummy or auntie for their chosen family. With a musicality and a depth of intimacy created via the camera that takes the audience on a journey through the universe with the protagonists, Khoa Lêcreates characters that we can learn from and even fall in love with.

Khoa Lê is a videographer, multidisciplinary artist and screenwriter based in Canada. Lê explores the themes of identity, hybridization and memory through different cinematographic genres.