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Solidarity Screening: Aşk, Mark ve Ölüm

Love, Deutschmarks and Death
Cem Kaya, Germany 2022, 96 Min., OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Cem Kaya and Esra Akkaya

Solidarity screening to collect donations for those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Cem Kaya’s Love, Deutschmarks, and Death is both a political and poetic intervention against the common understanding of the history of labor migration from Turkey to Germany. Choosing music as its theme, this essayistic documentary elaborately narrates the experience of migration in its full extent: it begins with the recruitment agreement of 1961 and takes its audience to the present tense. Extensive research with archival material resulted in a rich body of found footage; combined with interviews, the result is a palimpsest of memories in which different layers of historical experience shine through.

Fundraiser Food Bazaar @Sinema Transtopia 
Sunday 19.03.2023, starting at 14:00

Together with the dinner community TDD we are hosting a sweet and savory food bazaar to help raise cash for organizations that are present in Kurdistan, Turkey and Syria, providing critical help for those affected by the earthquake of 6th February 2023. Please come by, have some food and hang out with us - remember to bring food and cash to donate!