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Queer hive Istanbul

The queer bees of Istanbul are gathered in the hive. They are overjoyed to sing, to dance, to perform, to slay for their Berlin kin. For this short film program, the hive will tune in to the queer frequency of solidarity. For SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA, they join forces with Lubunya Berlin, a queer diasporic aid group that was summoned after the recent earthquakes in Turkey, Syria and Kurdistan to support the LGBTQIA+ people and sex workers affected. All proceeds gathered from this event will be fairly distributed among individuals in need.

Lubunya Deprem Dayanışması is a group of lubunyas / queer people in Berlin whose goal is to spread solidarity for LGBTQIA+ and Sex Workers who have been affected by the recent earthquake in Turkey, Kurdistan and Syria, and to stand against the discrimination they disproportionately face. To support, donate or learn more, get in touch at lubunyadeprem@gmail.com or on social media @lubunyadeprem


My Neighbour
Onur Karaoğlu, Lena Sans, Turkey 2021, 5 min. Turkish with English subtitles

Erotic Shock
Ekim Acun, Turkey 2022, 22 min. Turkish with English subtitles 

Harun Güler, Germany/Turkey 2022, 7 min. Turkish with english subtitles

Jülyet's Habanera
Efe & Yine, Turkey 2022, 4 min. Turkish with english subtitles

Off-White Tulips
Aykan Safoğlu, Germany/Turkey 2013, 24 min. Turkish with english subtitles

Raskolnikov’s Axe
İyi Saatte Olsunlar, Turkey 2013, 4 min. Turkish with english subtitles

My Neighbour shows us a queer neighborhood across time and space, whilst in Jülyet's Habanera we see how Bizet makes music for a trans non-binary dinner, envisioned by Kübra Uzun. IN LIMBO presents vignettes of the queer personalities of the Bosporus or how Istanbul shines in subversive rainbow colors and Erotic Shock is a queer revanchist critique of Turkish Cinema. Off-White Tulips reveals how queer friendships are built across life and death and Raskolnikov’s Axe dramatizes how the world is coming to a shitty end.

Meli Bendeli, Akış Ka, Must KiKa, and Özgür Uzay are the performers featured in IN LIMBO. Kübra Uzun is joined by performers Akış Ka, and Bulut Sezer in Jülyet's Habanera. Boysan Yakar appears as Nesrin in Raskolnikov’s Axe.