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பறவைகள் இல்லாத வானம்

a birdless sky

Fifteen years ago, the decades-long war of independence for Tamil Eelam ended in a genocide that claimed the lives of up to 169,796 Tamils in just a few weeks between 2008 and 2009 alone. While the birds gradually began to disappear from the skies above the Vanni following endless government carpet bombings, Eelam Tamils on the ground had long been declared outlaws by the Sri Lankan army.

சௌம்யா மகேஸ்வரன் (Sowmya Maheswaran), அனுயா (Anujah) Fernando and சிந்துஜன் வரதராஜா (Sinthujan Varatharajah) invite you on 16.05.2024 to commemorate 15 years of this Eelam Tamil genocide, to remember the mass killing and dying of our people in the form of readings and a conversation.

சௌம்யா மகேஸ்வரன் (Sowmya Maheswaran) is an anthropologist working in activist, academic and advisory contexts.

அனுயா (Anujah) Fernando works as a curator and filmmaker on issues related to migration, colonialism and memory.

சிந்துஜன்வரதராஜா (Sinthujan Varatharajah) is a writer and political geographer