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Tuncel Kurtiz: Actor and director

Lyckliga vi… (Gül Hasan)

Lyckliga vi… (Gül Hasan) (Hasan the Rose)
Tuncel Kurtiz, Sweden 1979, 83 min. 35mm (Print courtesy: Swedish Film Institute), OV with English subtitles. Languages: Turkish, Swedish.

A film crew is conning migrant workers into believing they can all star in their new film project, even getting them to pay for the supposed privilege. While the fraud is revealed, one of the crew members separately starts shooting his own version of events. Mixing fiction with documentary footage and Brechtian cabaret songs, the film is a self-reflexive and comic take on both the film world and the living conditions of migrant workers. This is renowned actor Tuncel Kurtiz’s only feature film as director.