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One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train

Ignacio Agüero, Chile 1988, 56 Min. Min., OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with

With an introduction and talk after the screening by Sarnt Utamachote


One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train is a portrait of the recent history of Chile, a place under a dictatorship and full of inequality. Guided by Alicia Vega, the film’s young protagonists are given the opportunity to explore and design their own films with drawings. Having never before been in a cinema, they discover cinematography, movements, camera angles, film genres, Chaplin, Disney, Lamorisse's red balloon and the train of the Lumière Brothers. In this documentary, Ignacio Agüero makes visible what CCC stands for. A place where cinema is the center of dialogue, creation and community, that supports new filmmakers everyday through workshops, screenings and talks, in which we seek to democratize cinema and access to culture.

Dominga Sotomayor & Ignacio Ocampo of CCC

CCC is a non-profit organization spreading culture through cinema and intersecting disciplines, encouraging dialogue between local and international arts and neighborhood communities. The Center is located in Raulí 571 in the heart of downtown Santiago. A big, old house that was restored, it includes a 30 seat cinema and an openair area for screenings, premieres, and collaborations with festivals. The house also has offices and spaces dedicated to creation and training, workshops and seminars; a gallery, and a coffee/bar meeting point. We are interested in having a positive impact on the city of Santiago and the local environment, promoting the democratization of networks by converging worlds that don’t usually cross in our country.

Sarnt Utamachote (ษาณฑ์อุตมโชติ) is a nonbinary filmmaker and curator. They are a co-founder of un.thai.tled, an artist collective from the German-Thai diaspora.