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Majub’s Journey

Eva Knopf, Germany 2013, 50 Min. Min., OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with

KUNDURA CINEMA's selection:

Majub’s Journey tells a story of an African man who worked as an extra in the movie industry during the Nazi era in the 1930s. The essayistic documentary directed by Eva Knopf reconstructs his life through historical documents, archival footage and photographs. While the film encourages us to rethink German postcolonial discourse, it creates a different layer of awareness relating to memory and identity thus helping us to reinterpret the present and consider the past in a more critical way. 

Buse Yıldırım of Kundura Cinema

Kundura Cinema is located at the heart of the prominent industrial heritage site Beykoz Kundura, a place in the north of Istanbul which has been turned into a creative hub and film studio. With our initial project, Kundura Hafıza (Kundura Memory), we excavated the past to build a new cultural identity. In our programmes, we maintain a critical stance by creating and finding new stories in an explorer-like manner and reconstructing narratives from the past. Our cultural space is surrounded with film sets and façades, so when the audience comes to the cinema, they pass film crews, lighting rigs and groups of extras scattered around.