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OV with voiceover
Followed by a talk with

With Sabine Abi Saber, Ana David, Jowe Harfouche, Laura Kloeckner, Malve Lippmann, Abishek Nilamber, Can Sungu, Pallavi Paul, Sarnt Utamachote, Buse Yıldırım and others

United Screens of SAVVY Contemporary, NAAS- Network of Arab Alternative Screens and Sinema Transtopia of bi’bak, are pleased to announce the launching of Hacking Sinema Futures Together, a succession of events taking place from February to June 2022 in Berlin and beyond. Together we acknowledge the urgent need for changes in the infrastructure of cinema. We come together to claim space – for the free circulation of our imaginaries and for cinemas to exist as friction zones, as spaces of reflection and recalibration of our realities. Over the course of four months, arts and film spaces spread across geographies, from Indonesia, Tunisia, Colombia to Berlin, will become inevitable sites for inquiry and potential to ponder on the challenges of funds, spaces, technology, archiving, aesthetics and censorship. 

Help us piece together future-oriented infrastructural prototypes for sustainable film screenings and circulation and join us at Hacking Sinema Futures Together Kick-off Meeting! Register here for the kick-off meeting and other events in the future. Let's retain, reform and reimagine the spaces and networks for an alternative cinema and arts!