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(OPEN AIR) Penzi La Misukosuko

Restless Love
Neto Joseph, Tanzania 2006, 45 Min.

With live narration from DJ Black

Introduction by Jesse Gerard Mpango, Ajabu Ajabu (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

Neto Joseph's Penzi La Misukosuko is a love story, an action film and a supernatural horror in one. Drawing from three genres of Tanzanian popular cinema dominant in the 2000s and utilizing both interior and exterior aesthetics of urban and domestic Dar Es Salaam for key set pieces, the film exhibits the energy, vision and ambition of a particular period in grassroots Tanzanian cinema. Through its choreography and soundscape, Penzi La Misukosuko also showcases the reverence of this period and mode of filmmaking for cinema itself. (Jesse Gerard Mpango)

In bad weather the screening takes place indoors.

©Ajabu Ajabu