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Le mouton de Sada

Sada's Sheep
Pape Bouname Lopy, Burkina Faso, Senegal 2023, 75 Min., OV with English subs

Selected by Centre Yennenga

Babou Diop lives in a house together with his son Sada, his wife Coumba, and a sheep, who nine-year-old Sada has developed a close friendship with.. A few days before Tabaskil, a festival in which the sheep is to be sacrificed, Babou realizes that it has disappeared along with his son. Helpless, he sets off in search of the pair. After an exhausting day full of adventures, they are eventually found, but the reunion is not without consequences: Babou is now faced with a difficult dilemma.

Le Mouton de Sada is an authentically Senegalese film that delves deep into the cultural roots of our society. It's a challenging film, both in pre-production and post-production, and one that truly embodies the work of Senegalese technicians. The post-production, carried out by Centre Yennenga, added an extra dimension to the aesthetics of the film. Selected to represent Senegal at FESPACO where it won the Jury Prize, Le Mouton de Sada stands as a flagship project of Senegalese African cinema.” (Sara Gadiaga)


LE MOUTON DE SADA, Pape Bouname Lopy