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Welcome to Neverland

Curated by Queer East

Chomp it!
Mark Chua & Lam Li Shuen, Singapore, 2023, 12 min, English with English subtitles, DCP

Still Life
Sarah Kim, USA, 2023, 15 min, English with English subtitles, DCP

Mom, if I were a Vampire
Deborah Devyn Chuang, Taiwan, 2022, 17 min, Chinese with English subtitles, DCP

Wegen Hegel
Popo Fan, Germany, 2023, 13 min, Chinese with English subtitles, DCP

Fish Boy
Christopher Yip, Canada, 2023, 11 min, English and Cantonese with English subtitles, DCP

Their Universe
Han Jeong-gil, South Korea, 2023, 16 min, Korean with English subtitles, DCP

Vampiric schoolgirls, crocodilian men, and spectral lovers populate this eerie programme, in which myths, the supernatural, and alternative universes spark the queer imagination. Blurring boundaries between reality and fantasy, the filmmakers delve into weird and wonderful experiences that ignite the possibility of change: personal, political, and philosophical. The original meaning of queer is, literally, to be strange or odd, which here serves as a means of challenging cultural understandings of gender and sexuality. Through blood, fish scales, and sexy copies of Hegel’s oeuvre, the films in this collection make otherworldliness a point of pride. (QE)