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Karaoke Party + Community Dinner

Join the Asian Queers Reunited curators and our vibrant community for an unforgettable evening of music, food, and films. The evening will kick off at 19:00 with a community dinner, and everyone is invited for a taste of authentic Sichuan street food at a fair price. You are also more than welcome to bring dishes to share. After dinner, at 20:00, we will host a karaoke party, where participants are encouraged to share stories between songs, weaving narratives that reflect personal experiences or cultural tales. This format celebrates karaoke as an Asian cultural phenomenon, transforming it into a powerful medium for storytelling. Our stage is a safe space where everyone, from the seasoned storyteller to the casual singer, can express themselves freely and connect more deeply with the community. As the sun sets, an open air shorts program will be screened in the yard. This curated selection of short films will continue the theme of storytelling, showcasing works by and about Asian queer communities. (TXE)