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  7. طريق سموني

طريق سموني

Samouni Road
Stefano Savona, Italy, France 2018, 129 Min., OV with English subs

How to tell your own story? The young girl Amal is not good at storytelling, or so she claims. Yet she is still able to lead us through the tragic story of her family. The Samounis have tended wide pieces of land on the outskirts of Gaza City for generations. In 2008/09 during the operation “Cast Lead” led by the Israeli army, 29 members of her family were murdered and the houses and fields of the Samounis were destroyed. Amal herself was at first believed to be dead. What follows is a difficult battle for the reconstruction, not only of her own being, but of her memory and history. In reserved observations and haunting animated sequences, Savona tries to articulate dreams and traumas of a Palestinian family that has lived through unimaginable events. (ALFILM)