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The Apollo of Gaza

Nicholas Wadimoff, Palestine, Canada, Switzerland 2018, 78 Min., OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Nicholas Wadimoff

Is it the work of metal forgers, or a gift from the gods to a Palestinian people desperately in need of hope? In 2013, a statue of Apollo was found in the waters off Gaza before disappearing under mysterious circumstances. Soon, rumors started to swirl, while behind the scenes, local and international players began jostling – some driven by historical preservation and others by purely commercial interests. Filmed in Gaza and Jerusalem, The Apollo of Gaza unfolds like a mystery around a national treasure that becomes the stuff of dreams and a foil for contested visions and political interests. Wadimoff engages in poetic reflections on the passage of time, the fragility of civilizations, and pays tribute to the dignity of a people who, despite siege and occupation, have not forgotten their sense of pride, their appreciation for beauty, and their anchor in history. (ALFILM)

Nicholas Wadimoff is a Swiss-born writer, director and producer who divides his time between Montreal and Geneva.