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On Narrating Palestine, Here and Elsewhere

Can cinema, particularly here in Europe, capture the stories of Palestinians and do justice to the complexities of their historical and political realities? What is the role of Palestinian filmmakers in the diaspora in this regard, and what challenges and limitations do they face in realizing their visions and narrating the plight of their families and communities? What compassionate encounters, forms of solidarity, modes of learning, and unlearning unfold in the engagement of European filmmakers with the question of Palestine? How to navigate through hierarchies of representations, the absence of archives, lack of resources, and the bias inherent in the landscapes of production, distribution, and exhibition when Palestine is at stake? These questions and others will be tackled by the speakers of this panel in an attempt to re-center Palestine on screen, here and everywhere. (ALFILM)


Rula Shahwan: Film Scholar at Arab American University of Palestine, AAUP