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On Egypt’s New Wave Cinema:

A Master Class with Director Ahmad Abdalla

Moderated by Iskandar Abdalla

Ahmad Abdalla is one of the most prominent voices among a new generation of Egyptian filmmakers who have asserted themselves on the cinematic landscape in the region with their unconventional aesthetics, narratives, storytelling techniques, and innovative approaches to production and distribution. With films like Microphone (2011), Decor (2014), and most recently 19B (2023), Abdalla has forged a genuine cinematic style that has captured the attention of international festivals and renowned film critics. Simultaneously, his films have achieved commercial success, a feat that many independent filmmakers of his generation have not managed to attain. In this Master Class, Abdalla will take us on a journey through his characters, stories, and the variety of styles and genres employed in his films. Furthermore, he will provide insights into his quest to capture contemporary Egypt on screen, navigating through censorship, political crises, and the structural limitations of production and distribution. (ALFILM)

Iskandar Abdalla is program curator at ALFILM - Arab Film Festival Berlin.