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Winter, Go Away!

Elena Khoreva/Denis Klebleyev/Dmitriy Kubasov/Askold Kurov/Nadezhda Leonteva/Anna Moiseenko/Madina Mustafina/Sofia Rodkevich/Anton Seregin/Alexey Zhiriakov , Russia 2012, 79 Min. Min., OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Ali Feruz and R. Y.

As the elections of March 2012 approach, young filmmakers on the streets of Russia follow presidential candidates, film political rallies, interview citizens, and document various incidents of political activism and police violence. The opposition is full of hope despite the media blackout, signs of election fraud and extreme pressure from the government. Collectively produced by ten filmmakers, Zima, Ukhodi! manages to create a coherent and insightful narrative about the social and political climate in contemporary Russia, with an emphasis on the ways in which resistance works.

R.Y. is a Russian activist, journalist and filmmaker who has to stay anonymous for safety reasons.

Ali Feruz is a journalist and an LGBTI+ rights activist.