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Mahal Kita, Beksman

I Love You, Beksman
Percival Intalan, The Philippines 2022, 106 Min., OV with English subs

In this reverse coming–out story, glamorous make-up artist and fashion designer Dali is assumed by his friends, colleagues, and queer family to be gay. However, when he falls for Angel, a beauty pageant queen, Dali comes out as straight. The problem is, nobody believes either him or Angel. The make-up artist resolves to prove his manhood by attempting to persuade Angel and her hyper-masculine brothers that he is the right man for her. With vibrantly coloured production design and a catchy soundtrack, this high-camp comedy from the Philippines challenges gender stereotypes and calls into question our assumptions about what is gay or straight. Award-winning actor Christian Bables shines in the lead role, delicately capturing the vulnerability that underlies Dali’s frequently hilarious attempts to win his true love’s heart. (QE)