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  7. Hello Tongzhi! Queer Dongxi

Hello Tongzhi! Queer Dongxi

Panel discussion about queer diaspora comrades

Followed by a talk with Hongwei Bao (online) and Yi Wang

Tongzhi (同志), which originally means “comrades", is now used in Chinese speaking communities worldwide for homosexuality, gayness, queerness. Dongxi (东西) is a double entendre that can mean both “East and West” and “something”. In this panel, Tongzhi and Dongxi becomes points of departure for scholar Hongwei Bao and curator Yi Wang to talk about their experiences involving/observing LGBTQ+ rights and art in China and Taiwan. During this session, we will also discuss how to build and maintain modes of solidarity that aim to promote queer East Asian film, counter colonialism and Western-centric narratives. (PF)

Hongwei Bao (he/him) is an Associate Professor in Media Studies at the University of Nottingham.

Yi Wang is der Gründer, Leiter und Kurator von Queer East, einem in London ansässigen Festival, das LGBTQ+ Kino, Live-Kunst und Bewegtbildarbeiten aus Ostasien und Südostasien und den Diaspora-Gemeinden zeigt.