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Minor Immigrant Cinemas

Monos + Löftet

Followed by a talk with John Sundholm and Lars Gustaf Andersson

Tensta film association/Babis Tsokas, Sweden 1974, 18 min., OV with English subtitles. Languages: Swedish, Greek

Löftet (The Promise)
Menelaos Carayannis, Sweden 1983, 33 min., OV with English subtitles. Languages: Swedish, Greek

Monos is the first film shot by Tensta Film Association originating in one of Stockholm’s northern immigrant neighborhoods. Recounting a young man’s lonesome drifting in Stockholm, the film is a unique documentation of its conditions of production, both in content and style. Löftet was produced with support from the Stockholm film workshop which was one of the most important organizations for immigrant filmmakers in Sweden at the time. By using the aesthetics of the long-take, Carayannis depicts the dilemma of a Greek family father as he slowly realizes that hard work is not enough to secure one's place in a new country.

Lars Gustaf Andersson is professor of Film Studies at Lund University. He is the author and translator of several poetry collections. Together with John Sundholm he has researched Swedish minor cinemas, both experimental film and independent immigrant filmmaking.