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  7. Diaspora as War Scars: 又见奈良 (Tracing Her Shadow)

Diaspora as War Scars: 又见奈良 (Tracing Her Shadow)

SONG Peng Fei, China, Japan 2020, 97 Min., OV with English subs

An elderly Chinese woman journeys to Nara in search of her daughter, a war orphan whom she adopted in post-WWII China but lost contact with after Japan's repatriation efforts. Joined by her granddaughter and a retired Japanese policeman, they navigate the complexities of the diasporic community in their quest for answers. A touching tale of a little-known history, sprinkled with moments of humor and humanity. 

Produced by KAWASE Naomi and JIA Zhangke, this Sino-Japanese co-production shines a compassionate light on a group of individuals caught between two countries, grappling with displacement and trauma in the ever-unfolding aftermath of the war. (WZF)