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  7. Diaspora and Deadly Love: 再見瓦城 (The Road To Mandalay)

Diaspora and Deadly Love: 再見瓦城 (The Road To Mandalay)

Midi Z, Taiwan, France, Burma, Germany 2016, 108 Min., OV with English subs

Two Burmese vagabonds of Chinese descent illegally cross into Thailand. Navigating a perilous underworld, they rely on forged identities and shadowy jobs to carve out a new existence. Amidst this life on the fringes, a romance blossoms, setting the stage for a poignant yet ill-fated love story. Sultry, sensual and brimming with poetic tension, The Road to Mandalay transports us along a clandestine migration route, offering a glimpse into the closely-knit, multilingual Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia. In the ambiance of motorcycles whirring and cicadas humming, a lament for the tropical melancholy unfolds… (WZF)