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Ayten Amin, Egypt / Tunisia / Germay 2020, 96 Min., OV with English subs, DCP

InZagazig, a city on the Nile Delta in Egypt, Souad (Bassant Ahmed) leads a double life.  Although in her daily life she abides to the demands of society and her conservative family, she secretly yearns for more. Obsessed with her virtual image, she creates an alter ego on social media and seeks romantic connections online. Yet Souad’s ambitions and dreams of escape are slowly crushed when she is caught back by reality, which has tragic consequences. Left on her own, Rabab (Basmala Elghaiesh), Souad’s little sister, embarks on a real-life journey to try and  understand her sister’s contradictory lives. Sobering and compelling, Souad sheds light on an uneasy generation of young women who find themselves  torn between the potential for freedom offered by the world of social media and the reality of life in a society where little room is offered for emancipation and growth.